“Jones Newton’s structured Strategic Marketing Process has enabled us to prioritize opportunities, plan focused and efficient sales and marketing efforts, and more effectively evaluate the potential of new/future products. We are now using this Strategic Marketing Process for our Periodic Review and have incorporated it into our ISO9001 quality management system. Jenny led the coaching workshops for us, guiding us through some important and lively team discussions which helped bring everybody to the table (including our engineers and life scientists) and to develop a shared, basic understanding of our business’s future market direction.” Tobias Schaad, CEO rqmicro

“Jenny Rohde is a seasoned marketing strategist who has provided our business with invaluable guidance and tools to help shape and develop our marketing and commercial activities. We do hope to continue to work with Jones Newton in the future, their strategic marketing knowledge and experience has helped us understand what processes and tools we need to deliver our goals successfully. The team has found each workshop to be facilitated exceptionally well with engaging content and exercises throughout the day. What stood out to us is the way they continued to work closely with the team outside of the workshops to understand our business better. Because of this, the sessions have been extremely well tailored, covering the topics that are truly important to us which has ensured we received maximum value.” Paul Rawston, Head of Marketing Imosphere

“The support we received from Jones Newton was really tailored to our needs at each stage, and has left us with an understanding of what we need to do and the capability to do it ourselves. The advice we received was very practical and achievable as opposed to detached lists of do's and don'ts which may not have been relevant or achievable for us. The value for us has been in the development of internal and external market-focus skills which are crucial for the business growth path. I have no doubt that the value extends much further than the duration of the coaching itself.” Yonatan Golan, CEO Brevel

“Jenny added valuable industry experience and focus to the EcoAlert business, and quickly established good working relationships with the diverse team.” Andrew Muir, Venture Capital

“I worked for Jenny for over 4 years in Sales at Trojan UV. I found her to be the hardest working person in the organisation and one that believed in and developed her team. At the time UV technology was being developed for wider applications than disinfecting municipal wastewater and Jenny made sure Trojan UV and its innovations were widely talked about in the industry. I'd recommend her to an organisation in need of a change in business strategy or serious business development.” Nicola Sutton, Water Industry