We work with growing, industrial SMEs to take their business to the next level. Our mission is to be your champion and supporter, to deliver tools to help your business to separate the important from the urgent and thereby accelerate your growth. Furthermore, we strive to be a value-adding, generous and knowledgeable partner.

We offer tailored business coaching through team workshops and/or one-to-ones. We bring real-world experience and understand the special challenges for B2B Science, Engineering and Technology businesses. As SME people ourselves, we use practical, proven approaches to enable you to address the special challenges that you face. Unlike others, our aim is to leave you with new skills and tools which you continue to use and benefit from long into the future.

Because each of our clients is different we use a flexible business model so that we can provide high value support and minimise cost for you - bringing in trusted specialists who contribute deep-dive expertise in adjacent niche subject areas. 

Being based in the Midlands, with great access to motorway networks and airports, enables us to provide face-to-face support to SMEs all around the UK. In addition, we are big users of VOIP tools frequently using Skype and WhatsApp in particular to respond to interim or urgent support needs.


Jenny Rohde Director

Jenny Rohde founded Jones Newton to address some of the unique challenges faced by the managers of successful, growing SMEs. Having run and worked in SMEs, and having spent nearly two decades working in Strategic Marketing and Business Management, she understands the demands of a successful, growing business.

Jenny has held director-level positions; creating and delivering B2B market strategies in technology, manufacturing and process industries.  She holds an Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Warwick Business School, is a WBS mentor, and a recognised EU Expert and SME Instrument Business Innovation Coach.