Even Snowy Had Tintin.....

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Are you running your own business alone? If you are able to take some time to reflect this weekend, consider this……

To get your business going you will have battled against the odds, battled against the naysayers and battled against the non-supporters – not to mention that you will have battled against your own 3am episodes of the heebie-jeebies! Self-reliance and self-belief can become a matter of survival.

But there comes a point when the smart thing to do may be to trust others more. Working in partnership to get your product demonstrated, contracting specialist support services, taking on employees – these can be the steps that enable you to grow your business faster and better.

Sure, there are risks, and you will need to invest time and money that you may feel you don’t have. But if you don’t work with others then your business may be limited by how much you can realistically do in the 24 hours that are in (only) your day. Not to mention that the longer a project takes – the more it costs.

Take a moment to imagine the ideal team that would propel your business into the next phase – and then take one small step towards making that happen today. Have a good weekend!