Too many ‘top’priorities? Too much product customisation? Need to decide what to focus on first?

We provide a fresh, structured perspective. With our real-world experience we understand the special challenges for B2B Science, Engineering and Technology businesses. SME people ourselves, we use practical, proven approaches to enable you and your team to find your focus.

Whether looking to refresh business strategy, or renew implementation plans - these are some of the areas that our clients like to focus on:

Sales Performance

Are you maximising profits and confident about achieving your revenue targets? Are your customers’ requirements changing? Seeing increased or new competitive pressure? Are your team on the same page?

New Markets

Are you planning to enter a new market? What are your goals? Know what’s needed and the risks? Do you have a plan? Is your marketing ready to maximise impact? Will current approaches work?

Marketing Strategy

Would your marketing team benefit from some specialised Market Strategy coaching to raise your game and leverage your investment in marketing materials, communications and trade show exhibitions?