We specialise in B2B SMEs working in industrial sectors with tech, engineering and science-based products. Unlike others, our aim is to leave you with new tools and skills which you continue to use and benefit from long into the future.

The type of support that you are looking for will depend on your business’s stage of development, the experience and capabilities of your team, the maturity and dynamics of your marketplace. Our one-to-one coaching sessions and team workshops will be tailored to your needs based on your business goals. We begin with an initial consultation to identify the appropriate support.

One-to-one Support

With many demands on your time each day, it is easy for the urgent to drown out the important. Working regularly with an external specialist can be invaluable and provides a confidential sounding board.

Management Workshops

Tailored to meet your business objectives and management team’s capability; half-day workshop sessions focus on market strategy to improve performance and to help you to avoid wasting money.

Customer Surveys

Customer research can be a significant investment so it is critical that your market research objectives fully support your business goals - whether desk-based or face to face research, we can help.

Board Support

Whether you are developing or implementing your business strategy and plan, regular, external support from someone who understands technology-based business can make all the difference.