rqmicro AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland, develops and markets proprietary reagents and innovative instruments for rapid microbiological tests for water and food safety. The new separation and detection technology is based on immunomagnetic separation and microfluidics and delivers accurate results at an unmatched speed. Common methods in microbiology need up to 14 days to give you semi-quantitative data. A waiting time that takes time and money. rqmicro reduces this delay significantly by providing precise quantitative results. With rqmicro instruments you can quantify Legionella in water samples in 1-2 hours.

The world is shifting towards a bio-based economy to meet the demands of a growing population for food, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, energy and a sustainable future. Microalgae have a high potential to meet these needs, but the industry has reached a standstill in recent decades. Brevel have developed a solution which they believe to be the most efficient and cost-effective cultivation possible today on an industrial scale and are constantly pushing the boundaries. We worked with Brevel to become more market-focused and more confident and competent in their internal and external marketing skills.

Imosphere is dedicated to improving lives by transforming the way health and social care professionals use information. Their solutions capture clinical information, producing insights that lead to improved organisational operations, quality of care and outcomes. These include a self-service analytics platform, the UK's most trusted resource allocation system for personal budgets, a person-centred care record and nationally-recognised assessment toolsets. Many thousands of health and social care professionals and researchers use Imosphere’s solutions worldwide.

Lontra has designed a new air compressor capable of outperforming current State Of The Art technology, and has won a myriad of awards. Global pump supplier, Sulzer, were the first to licence the technology for Municipal and Regulated Wastewater applications.With benefits to offer a wide range of industries and applications, Lontra's challenge was prioritising those markets and identifying practical next steps. Using our market approach to Business Strategy, and providing Desk Research support, we helped Lontra to identify where its competitive advantage was strongest, which markets offered the most attractive future opportunities and potential routes to those markets. This work has resulted in important new relationships with key industry stakeholders and potential customers. Through our First Time Coaching service, we supported the development and execution of a comprehensive marketing plan which has resulted in Lontra achieving a successful first trade exhibition, excellent trade press coverage and an engaging social media programme.


AQR is an early stage business focused on sustainable environmental solutions. Established in 2009 at the Daresbury Innovation Campus and specialists in 'charged particle' science, AQR is recognised for its innovative, low energy disinfection technology, and was a Cleantech Innovate finalist in 2016. The AQR system has been proven to reduce bacteria and organic contaminants to required standards and, as such has wide ranging potential from waste water treatment, to water recycling and dairy processing. AQR had identified a likely first target market and needed to assess its viability. Using our market approach to Business Strategy we worked with AQR to assess the strength of its competitive advantage in their target market and options for entry, giving AQR a clearer understanding of where the benefits of their technology lay for end-users compared with State-Of-The-Art. This resulted in a new relationship with a major industry player and explorations of how to further develop the technology for that market.