Your organisation may have no shortage of highly skilled and intelligent people; experienced in problem-solving. But with as many opinions as there are people around the table, reaching agreement on business strategy and planning can be a real challenge.

You may have decided what markets you want to develop further, or enter, but are not sure how to go about accelerating the process. Perhaps you are too dependent on one market and need to diversify.

We provide a fresh, structured perspective. With our real-world experience we understand the special challenges for B2B Science, Engineering and Technology businesses. We use practical, proven approaches to help you get to your goals.

Early Businesses

One-to-one market-strategy focused mentoring for business founders and entrepreneurs.

Whether experienced or launching your first venture, avoid wasting time selling to the wrong people.

Growing Businesses

Flexible support based on your needs including one-to-one support, board support, management workshops and customer perception surveys.

In the multi-priority world of a growing company - keep your business on track.

Support projects

Bespoke business engagement surveys to help you to improve your impact.

Find out what your target businesses are really looking for, how to engage and work with them most effectively to achieve your project goals.